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도움이 필요한 곳에 이웃의 사랑을 전하는 굿네이버스

Good Neighbors has recognized the problems in the current reporting system for child abuse, in which cases of abuse are not discovered unless reported. Against such a backdrop, we were the first in South Korea to establish a Counseling Center for abused children. The Counseling Center has educational programs about reporting and preventing child abuse in addition to welfare projects for abused children.
Our social welfare projects for child abuse increased public awareness and were a decisive influence on the Amendment of the Child Welfare Law in 2000. In 2001, the Ministry of Health and Welfare appointed us as the National Child Protection Agency. As of 2010, we operate 20 child protection agencies across the country, developing and implementing educational programs for child abuse prevention and conducting specialized welfare projects for abused children to recover and regain a healthy mind and body.

  • Child Protection Agencies
  • Group Homes
  • PTSD Counseling Center

21 Child Protection Agencies

Good Neighbors manages the National Child Protection Agency entrusted by the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Family Affairs and 20 nationwide Child Protection Agencies designated by local governments. These institutions were established to prevent child abuse, ensure safety and protect the rights of abused children (under Article 24 & 25 of the Child Welfare Law). Good Neighbors also reports child abuse cases. We also carry out related projects including child abuse prevention and provide victims of child abuse protection, medical treatment and support measures.

1 National Child Protection Agency (Commissioned by the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Family Affairs)
  • Supports local Child Protection Agencies
  • Establishes a network and develops and assesses programs for Child Abuse Prevention
  • Builds a electronic management system for Child Protection Agencies
20 Local Child Protection Agencies (Commissioned or Designated by Local Governments)
  • Report child abuse cases, conduct on-site investigations, and provide emergency aid
  • Provide counseling and medical treatment for both victims and perpetrators of child abuse
  • Educate and publicize child abuse prevention

How to Report Child Abuse

Report Call the Child Abuse Hotline 1577-1391 / 129
Investigation team dispatch
  • Suspected case: within 72 hours
  • Emergency case: within 12 hours
Child abuse case confirmation
Case classification: emergency, suspected, potential, normal , Decides appropriate protection measures
  • Abused child: separation, family protection
  • Abuser: counseling, education, police investigation
Appropriate action
  • Abused child: counseling, medical treatment
  • Abuser, family of abused child: counseling, education
Case Closing Case closure only when risk factors decrease to safe levels
Follow-up After case is closed, continued monitoring and monthly visits for a minimum 6-month period

14 Group homes for abused child

Good Neighbors operates 14 group homes (cohabitation housing),
affiliated with the Child Protection Agency to protect abused children who require “separation protection.” We also provide them with medical treatment and counseling programs to deal with the aftermath of abuse.

  • To protect abused children from maltreatment and other types of potential risk
  • To secure psychological stability and minimize after effects
Project Details
  • Child protection: basic necessities such as food, clothing and housing
  • Child counseling and medical treatment: individual counseling, art therapy, cooking therapy, sand play therapy, physical check-up, medical treatment, education, training, leisure activities
  • Other projects: individual case meetings, management of volunteers

Very Good Neighbors Counseling Center

Good Neighbors in cooperation with Ajou University Hospital, opened the “Very Good Neighbors Counseling Center” in May 2010. We offer rehabilitation services through psychotherapy to victims of child abuse and sexual assault who suffer from severe trauma so that they can safely return to the community. We also train and educate specialized volunteer workers for counseling and first aid.
*PTSD: Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

PTSD Counseling Center
  • Target: PTSD sufferers from abuse, sexual assault and other trauma-inducing events
  • Treatment : specialized psychiatric examination, play therapy, sand play therapy, art therapy, cognitive behavior therapy, Gestalt therapy, EMDR therapy
Therapist Training Center
  • Trainee: volunteers with an interest in assisting PTSD sufferers, graduate school students in related fields
  • Trainer: faculty members of Ajou University Hospital, experts of psychotherapy studies, Korean Bar Association
  • Training Programs: expertise in those suffering from PTSD, counseling techniques, emergency first aid, legal support system

*EMDR: Eye Movement Desensitization and Processing

Counseling Procedures

Appointment and Registration → Psychiatric Examination and Other Related Check-ups → Scheduling Counseling and Planning Treatment → Counseling and Treatment → End of Counseling and Treatment → Follow-up
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